Video Production

Script-to-screen video production

Video shouldn’t just captivate an audience, it also needs to lead to conversions. Our goal is to help you communicate a clear message to your market that produces measurable results.

We work with you and help guide you through the difficult marketing and strategy decisions to develop the messaging your video needs to succeed. We do it all. We plan, produce, and edit the videos in-house and deliver the final, polished product to you. You can be involved in the process as much or as little as you like.



This is the most important step in the video production process. Before we even begin making the video, we will spend a good amount of time researching your goals, audience, and market to determine the best direction to take your project. This research will also help us develop the script and storyboard. We will scout locations, make a schedule, and cast your video project, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Our background is in analytical decision making. We use this experience to help us take a unique approach to video marketing. We know what the masses are looking for and we know how to deliver on that.

Concepting, scripting, and storyboarding

We aim to tell a story that speaks to and compels your audience. Our writers and artists will work with you to construct the best message to reach your marketing goals.


Once the research, planning, and writing is complete, our team of expert directors, designers, producers, and cinematographers will head out into the field to get the content, shots, and sound for your video.

Post production

In post production, our team works diligently to deliver an effective final product. We perform editing, grading and color correction, and sound design among other things to create the best version of your video.


In the editing stage of production, our highly-skilled editors focus on pace, rhythm, and structure. Our editors believe editing is an artform and take their time to get each video exactly right.

Sound design

Bad audio is likely to scare away your potential audience before they hear what you have to say. Our sound design team ensures that audio is cleanly and clearly recorded in production and will refine it more when necessary. They can level and mix sound, add music, give voiceovers a radio-quality sound, and add other unique audio effects if requested.

Motion graphics

In some cases, actors or camera movements may not capture the whole story you want to tell. This is where our team of talented designers and motion graphics artists come in. They will create motion graphics that clarify, support, and enhance your message.

Color correction and grading

For the final, professional touch, we use color correction and grading to make sure your video  stands out. In this final stage of production, we solidify your video’s style and make it into one cohesive project, giving it a polished cinematic appeal.