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Not being able to get fast, professional support is one of the key reasons why customers drop off the sales cycle. MyMarketingTeam.Online provides you with qualified specialists, ready to support your customers 24/7.

Although you may be tempted to train and onboard your own live chat agents, there are so many benefits to outsourcing. Partnering with MyMarketingTeam.Online will allow you to save resources, both in terms of time and money. You can also draw on our expertise in the customer support industry, allowing your live chat experience to run smoothly, from the get go.

With other live chat third parties, or if you handle live chat yourself, it’s likely that customers will ask you a question and then wait until someone from your team is online to respond. This waiting time is a main frustration, leading customers to drop off your website and look to other competitors.

In contrast, with MyMarketingTeam.Online, your customer asks a question via live chat and is immediately responded to by a real agent. This leads to increased customer loyalty and more conversions in your lead cycle.


24/7/365 availability

Our highly skilled team of technical support specialists is ready to help your customers, anytime.

Experienced team

Our dedicated range of agents are highly trained and have experience in different niches. They will also receive in-depth training about your business, your products and services, and how you like to communicate with your client.

Exceptional customer service

Not only are our live agents highly qualified in a variety of industries, they are also trained to the highest customer service standards. We’re also happy to adapt to your customer service policy.

Modern technologies

MyMarketingTeam.Online improves productivity, speed and efficiency through adopting new technologies. This allows us to promise the fastest response times to your customers.


Advantages For Clients

With live chat involved in 35% of online sales and most customers expecting an omnichannel marketing experience, live chat has never been more important. Live support provides your customers an effective way of starting the sales cycle.

Focus On Your Texting

Studies show that 97% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes, compared to a 20% open rate for emails. Therefore, adopting SMS marketing and customer service messages can be a great strategy to increase conversions.

Receive & Send SMS Messages

SMS support is a preferred method for many customers, because they don’t have to download any apps.

Advantages For Businesses

One promising customer support channel “messaging through Texting”, is growing to be more valuable than ever before. To discover what consumers would really like most from the customer support text channel.

Helps Huge and Thriving Teams

Scale Up To Fulfill Needs

52% of consumers would like to text your support specialists. Live Support is a messaging app built to improve your business by assisting you to become more accessible, personable, and unforgettable.

Monitoring Real-Time Visitors & Metrics

Our live chat features allow you to monitor real-time visits, bounce rates and conversion metrics.

Promptly Reach Clients

Customers don’t want to change the device or platform they are on for a business – they expect the business to adapt to them! Our specialists can suit your customers’ needs, chatting on iOS, Android or an internet browser.

Real-Time Client Interactions

Live support text messaging is enhanced for your customers’ messaging experience.

Maximum Security

Security is a crucial part of every aspect of our platform. We invest time, expertise and money to safeguard your business and customer data.

Improve Sales & Conversions

With a dashboard and reporting features, you can receive a comprehensive view of real-time metrics and gain access to KPIs, allowing you to improve your performance and ROI.


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